My 4th Quarter Earnings Report (2012)

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Taking a Ferrari F430 F1 Spider for a test drive in the French Riviera

In the 4th Quarter (October – December 2012), I earned a total of $13,874.

  • $9,444 – Direct advertising
  • $2,048* – Travel Blog Success memberships
  • $1,400 – Freelance work
  • $364 – Misc. display advertising
  • $351 – Affiliate sales
  • $267 – Pay per Click advertising

This averages out to $4,625 per month, and is just a few dollars more per month than I’d earned in the 3rd quarter.

If I had received all the payments due to me in December, I would’ve broken the $7,000-mark for a single month, and also had the best quarter ever. Alas that didn’t happen, so that income will show up in the 1st Quarter of 2013.

Go Backpacking averaged: 48,000 unique visits & 200,000 views per month.

Medellin Living averaged: 16,000 unique visits & 40,000 views per month.

Unique visits to both blogs dipped toward the end of the year. Medellin Living also saw its ranking drop for two important keywords, “Medellin” and “Medellin Colombia.” I believe this is one of the few times a Google algorithm update has hit me hard.

Thankfully, my rankings for those critical keywords are slowly improving, and I didn’t lose rank on most of the other keywords I’ve targeted (though they bring in far less traffic).

I finally completed my Medellin Travel Guide, and it’s being formatted for Kindle and PDF this week. I hope to have it on sale by the first week of February 2013. This will be my first new product release in three years.

It was also in the 4th Quarter of 2012 that Michael Tieso and I began to talk about merging our two blogging communities under Travel Blog Success. Those talks resulted in our merger last week. I consider the new TBS to be my second product release of 2013.

Travel-wise, my 3rd Quarter update ended with me celebrating Oktoberfest in Munich.

Here are the travel highlights from the last three months of 2012:

  • Traveling Europe for 2 months with a Eurail Global rail pass (partnership)
  • Surprise upgrade to Business Class on my Qatar Airways flights from Berlin to Jakarta
  • 2-week blogger trip to Indonesia (all expense paid)
  • Observing orangutans in Borneo
  • Seeing komodo dragons in the wild
  • Visiting Brno, Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Cardiff (partnership), and Luxembourg
  • Returning to Venice after 14 years (it’s still beautiful)
  • Attending the World Travel Market in London for the first time
  • Exploring the south of France and Monaco
  • Driving a Ferrari in the French Riviera (thanks to a partnership with
  • Visiting Andorra, my 50th country

Next week, I’ll share a wrap-up of my 2012 earnings. Keep dreaming!

Sweet Hope, my favorite orangutan in Borneo
Sweet Hope, my favorite orangutan in Borneo