6 of the Different Types of Freelance Writing

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If you’ve decided to break into freelance travel writing, congratulations! Many travel bloggers add freelance writing to their resume once they’ve gotten the hang of blogging – and it’s a great way to add an additional income stream to your blog. You can use your blog as a portfolio as you begin pitching publications, and over time your writing will improve across the board.

But wait – what types of writing can you do as a freelance writer? There’s a lot of writing on the internet… are those the kinds of writing you can do?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the main types of freelance writing out there. This will help you figure out where your interests and skills are, and plot a successful path to your first (or fiftieth!) byline.


You already know how to write blog posts on your own site; other businesses and websites often pay writers to help create blog posts on theirs too! Some kinds of work in this area might be writing a weekly blog post for a travel company blog, or writing guest posts on a regular basis for a fellow travel blogger.

Social Media

Hand in hand with blogging, you can also get work as a freelance writer creating social media posts. If you’ve got a way with words on Facebook, or can evoke the sense of a novel in Twitter’s 140 character limit, you can probably find a company who will pay you for this work.

Copy Writing

‘Copy’ refers to the words that websites use to help promote their business. Let’s be honest: they need a lot of them! From writing product descriptions (like a snappy overview of a new tour or cool suitcase) to email newsletters to helping perfect the company tagline… All of these fall under the umbrella of copywriting, and lots of travel companies hire copy writers to help them perfect their promotion.

Copy Editing

Similar to copy writing, some companies also hire copy editors to help improve upon the text. In the case of copy editing, you may receive copy from another travel writer. Then, your job is to edit and make it even better. This may be as small as grammatical and spelling editing, or as big as strategic editing to reorganize and improve the whole piece.

Guidebooks & Guides

We all use them – but somebody’s got to write them too! Guidebooks (and shorter guides) are big business, and there are a lot of companies competing in the space. If you’re eager to explore the world and work full-time, guidebook writing could be a great option. There are also increasingly frequent guidebook opportunities for ‘local experts!’


One final opportunity for freelance writers is in the area of journalism. This may be big, long-form journalistic topics covered by news or travel publications. Or, it may be short, quick blurbs about ‘breaking’ news in the travel world. Most websites that cover travel news work with freelance writers to help them cover destinations and topics their in-house staff aren’t aware of, so this is a great opportunity for work.

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  • For someone just getting into the freelance space this has been super helpful. Thanks!

    • Glad to hear it! Good luck with your freelance writing, Steph.

  • I’ll keep coming back to this to remind myself how far I can go. Thanks for stirring the old brain cells 🙂

    • Glad you found it helpful! Thanks for reading!

  • Right, I hadn’t thought of it to that extent! The Social Media posting one in particular, I’d always really thought of freelancing in terms of blogging alone so this has helped me to broaden my horizons. Thanks for the ideas…

  • Thanks for the tips. I will be trying some of these very soon.

  • Hey Valerie, Great post!

    How do you know how much to charge people? Like, would you charge more for copywriting than you would for blog writing?