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We’re excited to announce our newest course, Affiliate Marketing for Beginners, is now available!

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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners was created by Amanda Williams of A Dangerous Business specifically for bloggers with little to no experience making money from affiliate programs.

In 2015, Amanda was making just $100 per month using Amazon.com’s affiliate program. She made a conscious choice to focus on growing her affiliate earnings.

Over the next two years, she was able to build this passive income stream from $100 to $1,500 per month today.

Let’s pause for a moment. Think about what you would do with an extra $1,500 per month in your pocket.

Would you reinvest in your blog?

Pay off your credit card faster?

Travel more?

If you’ve heard the buzz about affiliate marketing, but have yet to give it a try, this course is for you.

If you’re like Amanda, earning a few bucks a month, but know you’re leaving money on the table because you lack a strategy, this course is for you.


$97.00 for Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Add to cart


About the Course and Community

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners is a short, action-packed course.

In 11 lessons, you’ll learn everything you need to know to build an affiliate marketing strategy for your blog.

Topics Include

  • Best affiliate marketing programs for travel bloggers
  • How to identify which of your existing blog posts can earn you the most money
  • How to write new stories with affiliates in mind
  • Tips and tools for managing your affiliate links

Private Facebook Group

In addition to the course, you’ll also receive access to a private, closed Facebook group moderated by Amanda and the Travel Blog Success team.

In the group, you’ll receive support and advice about affiliate marketing – our Facebook groups are crucial to applying the lessons you learn and getting feedback from fellow travel bloggers.

Our vision for this Facebook group is that it’s a place where openness and transparency rule the day.

We’re going to encourage everyone to share exactly how much they’re earning, what’s working for them, and what isn’t.

By openly working together, everyone stands to benefit.


$97.00 for Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Add to cart


A Quick Story

Let’s be honest. There’s a ton of information available about affiliate marketing on the web. And a lot of it’s available for free.

Making money through affiliate marketing is almost as old as the internet itself.

I earned my first $20 from Amazon’s affiliate program in July 2000 by promoting travel guides on gobackpacking.com.

17 years later, I’m still making under $100 per month from Amazon despite having grown my blog to over 100,000 unique visits per month.

How is this possible?

I dabbled in affiliate marketing over the years but lacked a coherent strategy and consistent approach to experimenting.

When I didn’t get good results quickly, I gave up and focused on other ways to make money instead.

Now, I can’t go back and change history, however, I can learn from it and adopt a beginner’s mind toward the advice in our new course.

And you better believe I’m going to be an active participant in the Facebook group too!

Limited Time Bonus Offer

For the first week Affiliate Marketing for Beginners is on sale, we’re offering a special bonus.

If you purchase before 11:59 p.m. (EST), Friday, March 10, 2017, you’ll immediately receive a copy of Successful Affiliate Marketers Share Top Tips & Tricks.

This PDF report will give you further insights into the mindsets, strategies, and earnings of travel bloggers who are making affiliate marketing work for them.

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$97.00 for Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Add to cart


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