The Travel Blog Success Affiliate Program Explained

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Since we launched in 2010, Travel Blog Success has owed much of its growth to positive word of mouth recommendations by members of our community.

From the start, we’ve offered a generous affiliate program to reward bloggers who refer their readers and friends to join us.

To date, Travel Blog Success has paid out $69,000 in commissions, almost all of which have been earned by bloggers in our community.

Sending these payments once a month is one of the best things I get to do because it means putting significant amounts of money back into the pockets of our members.

This article, in FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) form, highlights everything you need to know about the Travel Blog Success Affiliate Program so you can decide if it’s right for you.

What platform do you use for your affiliate program?

Travel Blog Success is built on WordPress, so we use the AffiliateWP plugin (affiliate link) to run our own affiliate program. This streamlines everything for our affiliates and us administratively.

What do you pay affiliates?

The commission percentage depends on the product purchased.

As of July 1, 2017, we pay as follows:

30% – TBS Memberships

Based on the regular price of $297 for a single payment, that’s an $89.10 commission.

If the person purchases the monthly installment plan of $87/month x 4 months, then the affiliate earns $26.10 per month for every month we receive payment from the customer. The total possible commission is $104.40.

20% – TBS Bundles

We’ve created several product bundles for customers who are interested in specific topics such as making money and writing or buying everything we offer all at once!

The price of each bundle represents a 16-20% discount off the regular cost if the products were purchased separately. As they’re already discounted, bundles will not be subject to our periodic sales.

For example, if you refer someone purchases the $497 Pro Bundle which includes lifetime membership, plus our courses on Partnerships and Affiliate Marketing, you’ll earn $99.40. Refer someone who buys the $997 Ultimate Bundle that includes everything and you’ll make double that — $199.40.

And yes, we have members who’ve purchased every product we offer!

15% – Courses

These are courses we offer which are *not* included with the TBS membership. They’re available a la carte, and in some cases, as part of a bundle.

They include:

10% – Gift Certificates

A TBS membership or course makes a great gift idea for the blogger, or future blogger, in your life.

Do you use browser cookies to track referrals?

Yes. If someone clicks on your affiliate link, a browser cookie is set, and you’ll receive credit if the person returns to our website within 30 days and completes a purchase.

Note, if the person clears their cookies in between, uses a different browser, or a different device, then you will not receive credit unless that person clicks your link again.

For this reason, if you are talking to someone directly, instruct them to clear their browser cookies and click your link immediately before they make the purchase. This will help ensure you get credit for the sale.

Our cookies are assigned to the affiliate whose link was clicked first. So if someone previously clicked another person’s link to visit our website, and within 30 days clicks your link and makes a purchase, the commission is credited to the affiliate whose link was first clicked.

How and when are affiliates paid?

Affiliates are paid on the first of the month at least 30 days after which they’ve earned a commission.

For example, if you earn a commission in July, you will be paid on September 1.

This allows for our 30-day refund period. If you refer someone who requests a refund within 30 days, your pending commission will be canceled.

We pay via PayPal, so be sure to enter your PayPal address on the ‘Settings’ tab in the Affiliate Area.

This tab is also where you can activate new referral notifications via email.

Do I need to be a member of Travel Blog Success to use your affiliate program?

No purchase is required. However, we highly recommend joining Travel Blog Success as 1) we believe everyone, regardless of level, can benefit, and 2) it allows you to get experience firsthand.

ALL of our affiliates currently making money each month are not only members of the community, but they actively participate in it too.

This all sounds great. Where do I sign up?

If you’ve purchased anything from Travel Blog Success in the past, then you can log into the website and access the Affiliate Area for your unique link.

If you’ve never purchased one of our products, click here to sign up for the affiliate program.

Be sure and check the box to sign up for our Affiliate Newsletter, which we send out once, twice max, per month.

In the newsletter, we share updates on what’s new at TBS, upcoming sales, and best practices for promoting our products.

Promotional banners are available under the ‘Creatives’ section.

I have a question…

Please share your question in a comment below so everyone can benefit from the response.