Best Practices for Sharing Content on Your Facebook Page

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Facebook can be a really fun social media platform, but most travel bloggers get frustrated with it at some point. It’s okay – we’ve all been there! Sometimes you share a great photo, and it gets no reach; other times you share a quick text update and it seems everyone is liking it! If you want to learn how to get better results from your Facebook page, it helps to follow some guidelines.

Whether you have a brand new Facebook page for your travel blog, or have been active on the social network since Day 1, it never hurts to brush up on your knowledge about how best to use it. Here are five of the best practices for sharing content on your page, and why they’re so important.

Best Practices for Sharing Content: Fit Your Niche

1. Choose Content that Fits Your Niche and Audience

Since your Facebook page is an extension of your brand, it’s important that your page stays ‘on brand.’ This means you should only be posting content that’s on the same topics and destinations that you already cover (or are currently writing about) on your blog.

For example, if you typically write and share content about food and travel, but suddenly start sharing workout tips for traveling, your page fans will be really confused. They probably won’t engage with this new topic the same way, and you can see a negative impact on your reach, engagement, and overall growth.

Like we’ve said before: stick to your niche!

Best Practices for Sharing Content: Be Timely

2. Share Timely and Relevant Posts

Within your niche, there’s always an opportunity to share content that’s news-oriented and still interesting to your fans. Since Facebook encourages page managers to share this type of content, a well-timed article related to your niche can really give you a boost on your page!

For example, if you typically share about Middle Eastern destinations, and a new article comes out about an archaeological dig in Iraq, your audience may love to know about this!

Best Practices for Sharing Content: Give Credit

3. Credit the Source

Facebook, and other social media channels, can be a great source of inspiration and content you want to re-share. This is great – it can give you more variety on your page than you can create on your own.

No matter what, be sure to credit the source when you re-share their content. Whether it’s an engaging quote or beautiful travel photo, you should always tag the Facebook page of the source, just as you’d want other bloggers to tag you.

Best Practices for Sharing Content: Share Your Perspective

4. Share Your Perspective, but Watch Your Words

All of the most successful bloggers can share horror stories of hate mail and nasty comments on their posts – even when they don’t think they share inflammatory or offensive stories! It’s a reality that if you become successful, and continue to share your unique perspective, you may acquire readers who like to (loudly) disagree with you – and it can even get personal.

To help with this, take the time to consider each post you write, and how someone of a different mindset might read your post. If, for example, you believe that sharing your opinion about travel and politics in a certain country is worth sharing, go right ahead! Be prepared to have a mature and engaging conversation with your fans if they comment back – even if you don’t agree.

Best Practices for Sharing Content: Use Insights

5. Use Insights to Optimize Your Content

How often are you checking your Facebook Page Insights? For my own blog, I check them at least once per day! I like to see how different types of posts are performing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. I use this data to help me decide what to share more of (and what to share less).

For example, you may find that photos with a primarily blue color in them do really well on your Facebook page, or that videos get way more engagement than other types of posts. You can use this data to adjust your strategy and share more of these content types. Even if you don’t change your strategy as a result of checking your Insights, you’ll have more knowledge. (Knowledge is power!)

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