The 5 Steps of Branding Your Facebook Page

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Steps to Branding Your Facebook Page

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Based on the most recent data, there are approximately 50 million Facebook pages on Facebook. Every page has the same basic layout and elements, so how can your distinguish your page from others?

Your Facebook page is an extension of your travel blog. To build the brand of your travel blog effectively, make sure that the voice and look on your Facebook page are in line with your brand.

Here are the steps you should take to make sure your page is well-branded to compliment your travel blog. This will help your fans find your content and drive them to click to your website.

1. Use an Authentic, Branded Cover Image & Photo

As on all social media, the first thing your fans will notice is your ‘profile’ photo and cover image. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to brand these to your advantage. You don’t need to splash your logo across everything, but you can if you like how that looks on your cover image.

Be sure to include photos of your face, if you’re a central character in your blog and the stories or photos you share on your Facebook page. You can also use both photos as an opportunity to share what kind of stories you share: if you’re a food blogger, you can show photos of your favorite meals, or if you share packing tips, you can share a photo of your best-packed carryon.

2. Fill up the About Page Completely

When you first set up your Facebook page, did you fill out the ‘About’ tab, or did you skip it in favor of sharing content, uploading a great profile photo, and inviting your friends to ‘Like’ you?

Just like your blog, he space that most new fans go to first is the ‘About’ tab on your Facebook Page. No matter what state your About tab is in, now is the time to fill up all the other fields to give your audience a better idea of you.

Take your time to complete all the fields, especially the long description and impressum fields. The impressum field is where you provide your fans further details and technical legal info about your brand. Here is where you should add the link to your blog’s “About” page and the registration and license number of your business if you have them.

3. Upload a Feature Video to Introduce Yourself

Video is extremely popular on Facebook, so the best way to introduce yourself these days is using a feature video that summarizes what you and your travel brand are all about.

Be yourself and talk about who you are, what you do and what motivates you to travel. Give a quick but entertaining summary of what you blog is about and what you can offer to your audience.

If you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, try to practice in front of the mirror and write a script before filming yourself. Get your friends to rehearse with you and do it until you are confident repeating it on screen.

After you’ve uploaded the video, click “Add Featured,” and it’ll appear on the sidebar of your Facebook Page near the “About” section. (Note: these sections move all the time so your videos may show up in a different place.)

4. Connect Other Social Channels to Facebook

To further define your brand on your Facebook Page, you can link your other social channels such as YouTube and Instagram, and add them as tabs to your Page.

To add a YouTube tab, search for the “YouTube” Facebook app and install it. Once you’ve added the tab, enter your YouTube username and the URL of your featured video and click on “Save Settings.”

To add an Instagram tab, you need to link your Instagram account to Facebook first.

  • Click Settings in the top-right of your Page.
  • Click Instagram Ads.
  • To add an existing Instagram account to your Page, click “Add an Account.”
  • Enter your Instagram account’s username and password, and click “Confirm.”

Once you’ve linked your Instagram account to Facebook, search for the “Instagram Feed Tab” Facebook app and install it. You’ll be asked to log in, and once you’ve accessed your account, you can then customize the layout and add the tab, or upgrade to a paid plan to access all the features of the app.

Adding tabs for your social media helps round out what your fans can enjoy when they visit your page. If you use a different social media platform, there’s probably a Facebook ‘app’ you can use to add it as a tab on your page.

5. Stick to Your Niche When Sharing Content

Just as your niche helps drive your content decisions on your blog, it should do the same for the content you share on your Facebook page. If you are a family travel blogger, it makes sense to share photos of your family around the world; if you focus on wildlife or adventure travel, your photos, links, and posts should reflect that.

As we’ve already mentioned, a niche is fundamental to helping your blog succeed because it helps focus your efforts and provides consistent content to your audience. Same goes for your on your Facebook page. If you’re unsure if something fits the niche for your Facebook page and blog, maybe it’s better suited to your personal Facebook profile.

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