Which Commenting Platform Should You Use?

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There’s a rather large debate among bloggers on which is the best platform for commenting. Some are legitimate and some is just a misunderstanding of how the system platform. I thought I’d weigh in some facts as well as some of my opinions of commenting platforms.

5 Travel Blogging Resolutions to Commit to in 2017

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Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe it’s 2017, right? We’re excited for the start to a new year: everyone is working on content calendars and analyzing stats from last year. We – like you – have set goals to make the TBS blog (and our own blogs) even more successful in 2017!

What WP Smush.it Does

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There’s been some confusion within the blogging community on what WP Smush.it actually does to your photos. I wanted to quickly explain how WP Smush.it works and how it optimizes your photos.

Feedburner Did Not Announce Closing

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Feedburner has never announced that it would be closing its services. There seems to be a ton of articles out there announcing that Feedburner is closing down or they’re suspicious that it might close soon. This has caused quite a bit of panic around the community. The thing is Google has made no such announcement. Feedburner […]

Optimizing Images with Photoshop for your Blog

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Website speed times is just one major factor in ranking well in Google. Images in particular can take up quite a lot of loading time. If they’re not optimized properly, you’ll find that users are exiting your page faster than the image can load and/or Google will rank you page lower.

Blog Optimization Made Simple: Remove The Junk

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Go to your website. You’re used to seeing it and you’re familiar with your own design. It’s easy to navigate and to you, you see nothing wrong with it. In fact, you’re so accustomed to it that you start to not notice the details. First time visitors however, do notice.

Look through your website. One of the questions you need to ask yourself is if some of the features or information is even necessary. Are your visitors clicking on all your links, looking at that graphic, or using all of websites features? If not, then why do you have it? Clutter may drive first-time visitors away. You want to feature what’s actually important on your website.

Never put something on your blog because you feel it looks good but adds no real value.