The 7 Different Types of Travel Writing

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Improving your travel writing can open up a variety of opportunities. Here are 7 of the most popular types of travel writing that you could pursue as you improve your skills.

How to Become an Expert Note Taker

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How to Become an Expert Note-Taker

Taking notes is a crucial part of your writing process. Here’s why you should be note-taking while you travel, and tips to improve your note-taking skills.

5 Travel Blogging Resolutions to Commit to in 2017

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Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe it’s 2017, right? We’re excited for the start to a new year: everyone is working on content calendars and analyzing stats from last year. We – like you – have set goals to make the TBS blog (and our own blogs) even more successful in 2017!

How to Take a Road Trip Worth Writing About

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Roads trips can be the canvas for a special kind of adventure. In the United States in particular, road trips have been the basis of many culture-defining stories. If you’re a travel writer or blogger, the idea of capturing your own “Great American Road Trip” story is irresistible. All you need is a couple of lengthy Spotify […]