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As travel bloggers, it’s easy to feel a bit lost about setting your own scheduling and managing your workload. Whether you still have a full-time role, are blogging as your primary source of income, or are somewhere in between, each blogger takes their own path.

We recently heard from several community members that they’re curious how other bloggers work. We decided to do an informal poll within the Travel Blog Success Facebook group to see what kinds of schedules each of us keeps.

Below you’ll find the sample days of eight different travel bloggers (each is its own column, A – H). We color coded similar blocks of the day so you can get a sense for each person’s daily routine. As you can see, each blogger has their own schedule and routine that works best for them and their blog… but everyone wanted to be clear that these were hypothetical days. In reality, the day-to-day schedule varies.

What’s an “Average Day” for a Travel Blogger?

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We set relatively few constraints in asking community members what their typical day is like. As you can see, some bloggers told us about their wake-up, meal, and bed times, whereas others did not. Based on the schedules we received back from our community members, it seems that the following generalizations can be made:

  • Half of the bloggers start their day with a routine of reading, meditation, or self-reflection. Another 25% start with email or social media. We all get right to work!
  • Most bloggers seem to prefer putting in hours on their blog or work early in the day (such as 9am-2pm). Others were explicit that they are night owls, and their best work happens in the late evening.
  • For those bloggers who also have a full-time job, we squeeze our blog work in before and after our work.
  • On average, we don’t take nearly enough leisure time or breaks in the day, but that’s what happens when you’re either self-employed as a blogger or working two jobs to fit your blog in around other work.
  • Most of us stay up late, too. Sometimes, that was doing blog work; for other bloggers, it was leisure or family time.

A few community members who responded said they couldn’t share an “average day” because their days were always different, or varied greatly depending on whether they were traveling or at home. There was a lot of solidarity for that opinion, even among bloggers who shared a schedule with us. We totally get that – all three of us on the TBS team shared our average day, and it felt like a broad generalization to say that this is the ‘average’ day.

Finding A Schedule that Works For You

In the end, our brief research into the “average day” of a travel blogger just reveals how different our schedules are. Yes, we wake up, work, and eat at roughly the same times. We also fit together the pieces of our day in very unique and creative ways to make sure it all gets done.

When you start working to set your own schedule for your travel blog, we recommend considering the following:

  1. What are the most important or highest impact tasks you can be doing for your blog?
  2. What are your bigger goals for your blog, and how can you make regular progress toward them?
  3. When are you most energized and creative? Can you take advantage of that time to focus your energy on blogging tasks?
  4. When are you most tired or worn out? Can you work to give yourself more breaks or rearrange your day to not have blogging tasks overlap with this time?
  5. When is your audience online or expecting you to be online? If you do real-time social media like Snapchat or Instagram Stories, can you make that work in your schedule?

By considering these in your daily and weekly schedule, you can focus your efforts on creating a schedule that helps you succeed with your blog and connect better with your audience.

If you want to jump into the conversation and share your Average Day, head over to the TBS shop purchase Travel Blog Success Membership, then join us in the Travel Blog Success Facebook group.

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  • Wow, I am so not surprised to see this. It was a great idea to ask more bloggers. I am a night owl so I mostly work on my blog in the evening and during the day I don other activities. But I do agree that us bloggers usually do not find enough time to relax.

  • I second the squeezing in blogging before work or late at night, when you have a full-time job. I wonder if I’d be more successful if I did my work during my prime concentration hours in the morning. Alas, I’m not a full-time blogger yet.

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