The 10 Most Engaging Types of Facebook Posts

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Facebook is one of our favorite social media platforms: it’s popular and prevalent, and can be a great way to share your travel blog stories and experiences with fans and followers.

It might be hard to know what to post on your blog’s Facebook page, but there are 10 popular types of post you can do on a regular basis. Mix these in with links to your blog and other updates, and you’ll have a winning schedule of successful Facebook posts that keep your audience engaged.

Engaging Post Type #1: Videos

Video is the hottest and most sought after marketing tool these days — in fact, there are at least 3 billion video views a day on Facebook. 3 billion!

According to a study conducted by Socialbakers, native Facebook videos get more reach than any other type of post. That’s a 135% increase in organic reach, on average, when you post a video instead of a photo.

You don’t need to be a professional videographer —  just use your iPhone to film short, simple behind-the-scenes clips, thank you videos, or simply clips from where you are traveling to bring followers on the road with you. Posting videos will not only put a face to your brand but also better connect you with your audience.

Engaging Post Type #2: Photos

As the old saying goes, “A photo is worth a thousand words” and it couldn’t be truer than on social media. Facebook reports that photos receive 53% more likes on Facebook and 84% more link clicks than average link posts.

Sharing photos is a great form of visual storytelling. It can be as easy as uploading a photo from your iPhone while you’re traveling or creating an attractive image with a travel quote to inspire your audience.

Engaging Post Type #3: Questions

Posting questions can bump up engagement substantially and get your audience to join in the conversation. It’s also quick and easy to simply ask a brief question that will get them to share valuable information about themselves.

There’s no need to shoot your audience with complicated questions. Most people don’t have the time or energy to provide lengthy responses. But if they can comment in just a few short seconds, there’s a higher likelihood that they will. By asking simple questions that require just one or two-word responses, you are sure to increase engagement.

Engaging Post Type #4: Fill-in-the-Blanks

In the same principle as a question, fill-in-the-blanks encourage your audience to participate with short answers. Your followers can respond in just a few seconds, and they get to feel like a part of the community by interacting with you and the others. Fill-in-the-blanks also tend to get a lot of likes and comments.

Have fun with these, but be careful not to leave the blank too open-ended as that may lower your engagement as followers might not bother to reply if a long response is required.

Engaging Post Type #5: Quotes

It is no secret that people love quotes – especially motivational and inspirational ones from famous travelers like Mark Twain.

You can post quotes as text or photo updates, but as we said, using imagery will evoke more responses. Simply use your own images and a free design software such as Canva or Quotes Creator to add in the quote yourself.

Just remember not to steal the quote — always give credit to the person who wrote it.

Engaging Post Type #6: Tips

People like to learn, be educated and get inspired. Posting tips on your Facebook Page is an easy way to educate your fans and add some value to their lives. How do you come up with tips on a regular basis?

The best way is to write a list of frequently asked questions in the travel world — and then answer each question with a tip. You can also conduct surveys on your blog and get your readers to ask you any question they may have.

Engaging Post Type #7: Questions from Readers

Rather than answering questions from your followers by yourself, how about posting these questions and getting other followers to provide some tips and advice?

Crowdsourcing tips from your fanbase is an excellent way to get more people to participate and in turn help more people out. Your followers are the most engaged when you present them with something they can relate well with.

Engaging Post Type #8: Trivia/Quiz

Quizzing your fans to test their knowledge can be plenty of fun, and it’ll urge them to speak up and join in the conversation. It’s human nature to want to learn and gain new information and to find out how their personality is linked to travel.

Major travel publications have all jumped on the bandwagon and produced their travel quizzes, here’s a list of them to give you some ideas for your trivia questions:

Engaging Post Type #9: Call To Action

Call to actions are what marketers use to drive their audience to respond the way that they want to. An audience is more likely to respond when they are given specifics on how to respond. By using phrases such as “Like this if you agree,” you’re urging them to respond with just a simple click.

Some bloggers swear by the call to action, but I would advise you to experiment and use it sparingly, as it can come off a little salesy.

Engaging Post Type #10: Nostalgic Posts

According to a study by CogLode, nostalgia — a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past —  fosters social connections and makes people feel more connected. By reminiscing about the past, you’ll be bridging the gap between you and your audience.

Use nostalgia to your advantage by posting your own #tbt images about your brand, or by finding images from the past that are related to travel. For instance, posting photos of yourself traveling 10 years ago will give your readers an intimate glimpse into your past.

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