Feedburner Did Not Announce Closing

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Feedburner has never announced that it would be closing its services. There seems to be a ton of articles out there announcing that Feedburner is closing down or they’re suspicious that it might close soon. This has caused quite a bit of panic around the community. The thing is Google has made no such announcement.

Feedburner has only announced that it’s stopping it’s API and Adsense. What does that mean to you? Almost nothing. The API is used by various plugins and themes but it does NOT affect your email list or the delivery of your feed. People can still subscribe as normal. Very few people actually use their API and supporting it has not been beneficial for Google.

Feedburner email subscriptions has not been affected by their announcement. Emails will continue to be sent as normal for any new articles. I don’t know where this rumor even came from that their email service would stop working.

I’ve seen people panicing and switching to Feedblitz because of what they’ve heard. Feedblitz is loving the attention.

Personally, I don’t recommend Feedblitz email subscription. It’s a lot of work to switch. It’s definitely better than the default Feedburner email subscription but if you’re going to go out of your way for customized email signup, then you might as well get Mailchimp. It’s way more customizable and you can run several different campaigns and customize the layout really well. You would just shut off email subscriptions from Feedburner and transfer anyone subscribed for email updates from Feedburner into Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is not a replacement for Feedburner. They need to work together. Feedburner creates the feed and Mailchimp delivers it in an email from what they’ve gathered on Feedburner.

It’s still possible that Feedburner might shut down but it’s unlikely as of right now. If it were to happen, I’m sure Google will notify us as they have been for their other services.