Setting Your Vision: Identify Your Inspiration (Preview)

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? Lesson Objectives: Begin to define a vision for your blog and identify the inspiration you’ll use to make your blog unique and successful.

People start a travel blog for many different reasons.

Some hope to make money directly through their blog with affiliate links and banner ads.

Others wish to use their blog as a platform to showcase their skills in writing, photography, or web design.

And there are those who want to build up an audience for a future book or project.

Your inspiration and motivation behind starting a travel blog will be unique, and your definition of success will be unique to your vision.

This is why establishing your own, unique vision is an important first step in your blogging journey.

It’s also important to avoid the temptation to compare your journey with the blogging journeys of fellow travel bloggers (both in business and in travel!).

The Basics of Building Your Blog Vision

The vision you create for your travel blog is comprised of two important factors:

  1. Your inspiration to start a travel blog.
  2. Your motivation to start a travel blog.

Once you identify and articulate (write down!) your inspiration and motivation for your travel blog, you can start to set goals and focus on achieving them.

Vision-Setting Step 1: Find Your Inspiration

Why do you want to start a travel blog?

This is the most important question you must first answer – before you start blogging! Otherwise, you are a ship without a course in the seas of travel blogging.

Here are some other questions you can ask to help identify your inspiration:

#1. What travel blogs are you currently drawn to?

Identifying the blogs that speak to you is an excellent way to determine what type of blog you want to develop for yourself.

Creating something that you love is crucial to keeping your ideas fresh and your passion authentic. Your connection to your blog will shine through, and keep your readers engaged. So focus on your inspiration first.

Create a list of your five favorite blogs, and try to pinpoint what about each of them makes you keep reading.

Do they make you want to book the next flight to their favorite destination? What is it about them that makes you laugh? How do they inspire you to see the world differently?

The blogs that capture your imagination, and make you want to be a travel blogger yourself, will give you some valuable insight into the style and approach that will work on your blog.

#2. What about travel makes you excited to write about it?

There are an endless variety of styles and voices that make different people drawn to different blogs. There are also countless types of travel that appeal to different readers.

To set up your blog and your brand for success, you’ll need to identify the specific type of travel you enjoy participating in and writing about.

Are you a budget backpacker or do you enjoy the finer things like cruises and five-star hotels? Do you prefer traveling solo or with groups?

Your blog should attract readers with similar travel styles as your own. This makes it easier to ‘sell’ them on locations and products through your blog.

How can you make readers feel the same inspiration you get from those five blogs you identified as favorites?

#3. How much of yourself do you want to come through on your blog?

Once you have a grasp on what type of travel and what kind of blog you want to showcase, it’s important to consider how personal you’ll be on this platform.

How much of you do you want to share with your readers?

If the type of blogs you’re drawn to are deeply personal, maybe that’s the kind of blog you want to share. But are you ready to make yourself a subject of scrutiny?

When it comes to online audiences, there will always be naysayers, particularly when things get personal.

Assess how much criticism you can handle when it comes to writing about yourself.

Do you enjoy telling personal stories, or do you prefer sticking to the facts?

Is it the personal touch of other travel blogs that intrigues you, or are you more motivated to read blogs that provide valuable information and resources?

If being scrutinized or sharing an embarrassing story, you may want to keep the personal details of your travel experiences off your blog

It’s important to spend time thinking about your inspiration before you start a blog. 

By setting aside time to read and follow blogs which inspire you, you’ll continue to stay motivated even if your blog doesn’t grow as fast as you hope. 

By setting your sights on those inspiring sources of travel stories, you’ll be sailing on the right course.

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