How to Maximize Your Travel Blog Success Membership

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When you join the Travel Blog Success community, you unlock a world of possibility.

Yeah, that sounds dramatic, but it’s true! Our members have gone on to travel the world, launch successful businesses, leave their ‘desk job,’ and define life on their own terms.

Here on the TBS team, we think – and our members tell us – that TBS is an important part of helping them do that. We constantly work to make sure the course and Facebook community are a valuable part of your travel blogging journey.

We recently realized there were some ‘pro-tips’ you could use to help maximize your Travel Blog Success membership.

These tips will contribute to making sure you’re up to date on course changes, in the know about blogging topics we’re discussing, and stay true to your course in plotting your own travel blog’s success.

Join the Secret TBS Facebook Group

For most members, this is a given – our TBS Facebook group* is one of the most popular reasons to join the community.

When you first sign up for Travel Blog Success membership, you’ll receive an email detailing how exactly you can join our secret group.

You can also find those instructions in the “Start Here” lessons of each course if you need to find them again.

We recommend you do this first when you sign up, so you get access right away!

*You won’t be able to see anything when you click this link unless you’re already a member! 

Make Sure You Receive Facebook Group Notifications

If you’re already in the TBS Facebook group, there’s a handy way to ensure you see Facebook notifications for all the activity in the group.

Just under our header image, you should see two boxes that read “Joined” and “Notifications.” If you click “Notifications,” you’ll get some options:


TBS Facebook group


It’s up to you which notification setting you choose, but if you want to receive all the notifications for the group, select ‘All Posts.’

Highlights is the most common one people choose, which shows you the most active and popular posts, as well as new posts from friends you have in the group.

Many people turn notifications ‘Off,’ so if you feel like you do not see anything from TBS in your notifications or News Feed, check this setting!

Follow Our Founder, Dave

Another way to stay up-to-date with TBS news is to follow our founder, Dave Lee, on Facebook.

You don’t need to be friends with Dave to follow him. If you visit his profile, you can click the ‘Follow’ button’ to the right of his profile picture:



This is an especially handy pro-tip if you’re in the TBS Facebook group too – you’ll receive notifications and more posts from Dave in your News Feed. That, in turn, will help you know about the leading conversations and announcement we’ve made.

Note: You can also find him on Twitter and Instagram!

Ask Questions & Interact with Other Members

Once you’re in the TBS Facebook group, it’s important to be an active, contributing member.

You can sit back and try to absorb all of the knowledge being traded… but we’ve learned from our members that asking questions and commenting is the #1 way to actually cement that knowledge.

Before you ask a question, be sure to use the search function in the group. You can find the search bar in the left sidebar of the group, at the bottom of the list of links.

In the photo below, it’s in the lower left corner of this picture:



There are thousands of threads in the history of the group, so it’s always important to search first to see if we’ve already had a conversation about (and answered) the question you have. If not, go right ahead and post it in the group for others to answer!

We also run several threads throughout each week and month, including a “Friday Share Thread” (share your latest post or link!), “Where in the World Are You?” (find members near you!), and “Member Success Stories” (big wins go here!).

These happen roughly each week on different days; you can see the full schedule in the TBS Facebook group guidelines document pinned to the top of the group.

Note: Per the TBS group guidelines, we don’t have “general travel” chat in our group. We’re happy to provide suggestions for other groups that can answer your general travel questions!

‘Safelist’ Our Email Address

Not seeing Travel Blog Success emails?

If you use, Gmail, try these steps to whitelist our email address:

  1. From your inbox screen, click on the ‘Mail’ drop-down in the upper right section of your screen.
  2. Select ‘Contacts.’
  3. Click the ‘New Contact’ button.
  4. Type in the email field. Gmail will auto-save.
  5. Finished! Messages from us will now be delivered straight to your inbox.

Bonus: Add too if you want to ensure you see emails from Dave.

If you use another email system, just add our email as a new contact, and that should do the trick!

Work through the Lessons (In Order!)

This may seem obvious, but there are lots of members who have never looked at the lessons in the two courses you receive as part of your Travel Blog Success membership. Other members have jumped around from lesson to lesson, doing them out of order.

Even if you’ve been blogging for several years, it never hurts to work through these lessons again – in order.

They provide a foundation to help your blog succeed (lessons in the Fundamentals of Travel Blogging course) and guidance on transitioning your blog from hobby to business (lessons in the Advanced Travel Blogging course).

Lessons and modules build upon previous lessons and modules – so it helps to do them all, and do them all in order!

We recently discussed on this blog that we decided to make the first module of the Fundamentals of Travel Blogging course mandatory.

We did this because we came to realize many members were skipping around (or skipping the courses altogether) and believe these topics are too important to skip.

Ready to dive in? Head over to your My Courses page (you must be logged in) and get started!

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