6 Reasons You Need A Media Kit as a Travel Blogger

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Once you travel blog is up and running, it’s exciting to think about the potential partners you may one day work with and promote on your blog. For many travel bloggers, this is a big part of what drew them to start a blog in the first place.

As you get ready to start pitching partners, there’s one important document you need first: a media kit. Your media kit is a piece of literature, either printed or available to download, that presents your blog and your brand to potential partners. It gives them relevant information about your brand (including your niche) and your blog (including your traffic and social media metrics) in a quick-glance version.

But do I really need a media kit? you might wonder. Yes. The answer is definitely yes! Here are the reasons why yes, you really need a media kit.

Media Kits are Industry Standard

As a blogger, you are expected to have a media kit by those other travel industry professionals you interact with. Travel destinations or companies will expect a formal document that quickly gives them relevant information about your blog.

Not having a media kit means you won’t be providing one of the important documents you use to supplement your work as a blogger.

A Media Kit Gives Your Blog Credibility

Having a media kit on your travel blog may seem silly if you are just starting out or don’t have much traffic. Don’t think this way! Your media kit shows you take your blog seriously. In turn, those people who find or receive your media kit will do the same.

Not having a media kit demonstrates a lack of confidence in the awesome work you are doing with your blog.

A Media Kit Makes You Look Professional

Media kits come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. As long as you use a design tool that can neatly arrange and display photos, text, and images (TBS recommends and uses Canva!), it doesn’t really matter as much which design, typeface, or colors you choose. What’s more important is that you’ve taken the time to create a document for potential partners.

Not having a media kit suggests you may not consider your blog a professional project; brands and partners might be more wary of working with you as a result.

Why You Need a Media Kit: Organizing a Media Kit

A Media Kit Helps You Organize Your Stats

Once you’ve built a media kit, all you need to do is update it regularly so that the information in your media kit is accurate as you send it out. You’ll need to consistently collect the same set of metrics like traffic, social media following, and engagement rates. The process of researching and updating your media kit will help you stay more organized and know how your blog is doing on these key metrics.

Not having a media kit means you might not know exactly how your blog is performing – you may not even know if it’s growing at all!

A Media Kit Allows You to Pitch

We know that pitching emails can be really awkward, especially when you’re first starting out as a blogger. There comes a point in every email pitch (especially ‘cold’ pitches where you don’t know the person you’re emailing) that you need to think of a way to wrap up the email and convince them to work with you. Having a media kit is a great way to end your email. A simple line like, please find my attached media kit for your review, and thank you for your consideration is succinct and powerful.

Not having a media kit means you may need to include that data directly in your email, or lack a strong conclusion to a well-written partnership pitch.

A Media Kit Will Land You Partnerships & Work

At the end of the day, having a media kit is crucial to landing partnerships and work through your blog. By handing over a well-designed and accurate media kit, you’ll catch the attention of potential partners. Even if the numbers in your media kit aren’t huge or wildly impressive, it’s okay. Your media kit is an important extension of your blog, and shows your commitment to it. Many brands and partners will value this commitment and be more willing to work with you as a result.

Do you have a media kit? We’d love to see a link in the comments!

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