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Earlier this year, Travel Blog Success welcomed Valerie Stimac to the team as our Virtual Assistant. She immediately assumed all the responsibilities we laid out for her, and more.

As a part of our company culture, we give our team members the flexibility to take on the work that interests them most. We were prepared to see Valerie’s role evolve, based on her skills and interests.

At the same time, TBS Community Manager, Britany Robinson, was looking to build upon her responsibilities within the team and to better focus on her passion for writing and content creation.

We’ve recently restructured Valerie and Britany’s roles to allow each of them to concentrate on the work they’re most passionate about.

Valerie Stimac is now our  Community Manager

Valerie immediately impressed us with her thoughtful approach to community management through social media and customer support.

She has extensive knowledge of how to leverage our social media to reach more customers and improve our connections with existing members. Her strategic approach to marketing and community-building have already given us great insights into how we can improve TBS.

Valerie will be taking over the role of Community Manager, previously filled by Britany. She’ll continue to help with the administrative work for which she was initially hired. However, she’ll also now be managing our Facebook groups and social media.

We’re thrilled at how quickly Valerie has taken initiative on new projects, including the transcription and captioning of our webinar library, and outreach on Perks, which has already resulted in new discounts for our members.

If you don’t know Valerie yet, say hello on Twitter! You’ll be seeing much more of her.

Britany Robinson

Britany Robinson is now our Course Director

Britany has been with Travel Blog Success for two incredible years. In that time, she’s transformed the TBS blog into a valuable resource for travel bloggers.

Alongside posts about improving and growing your travel blog, Britany introduced the Member of the Month series which has turned into an exciting source of inspiration for our community.

Britany has enjoyed her time as Community Manager, mainly because it has allowed her to get to know so many of you. But, she’s ready to mix things up and take on new responsibilities that will enable her to focus on her passion for writing.

Writing and teaching one of our newest courses, Blogger to Bylines: A Guide to Freelance Writing, has allowed Britany to discover how much she enjoys producing course material and working alongside students and fellow course creators.

An enthusiastic and supportive community has taken shape around the freelance writing course, thanks to Britany.

In her new position as Course Director, Britany will be able to dedicate herself to the educational content that TBS is built around — improving our Main Course, developing new lessons and courses, and further establishing our blog as the go-to resource for travel blogging advice and inspiration.

Say hello to Britany on Twitter, and if you’re ever interested in contributing a guest post for the TBS blog, send her a note at Britany@travelblogsuccess.com.


I’m excited to see both Britany and Valerie step into roles that play to their strengths as we continue to grow Travel Blog Success into the world’s greatest community for travel bloggers.

If you have any questions for either Valerie or Britany, please share them below.


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