TBS Now Offers a Payment Plan to Buy a Membership

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It’s official! There’s a new way to pay for Travel Blog Success Memberships.

Starting today, we’re proud to announce that you can purchase a TBS membership via our new payment plan.

This plan allows you to spread the cost of a lifetime membership into four monthly payments, instead of the single payment option we’ve had until now.

The Freedom To Choose: One Payment – or Four Payments

You can now choose one of two ways to pay for your membership. These options allow you to choose the right payment schedule for you and your blog.

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Why Add a Payment Plan Option?

We’ve discussed the idea of a payment plan for a long time. Why did we decide to implement a payment plan now?

Several reasons:

1. You Asked for It

And we’re always listening! Both members and prospective members have been increasingly vocal in asking for a different way to pay for membership.

We listened, and we hope you’re happy with the result.

2. You’ll See a Faster Return on Your TBS Investment

We understand that TBS has always been an investment for travel bloggers looking to achieve greater success through their blogs.

By making four payments, we believe you’ll have a better sense of the value TBS provides from Day 1 – and will become lifelong community members like so many do!

3. Payment Plans are Increasingly Common for Course-Type Products 

When TBS began in 2010, payment plans weren’t very common, but they are now.

We’ve seen many other educational sites like ours offer a payment plan as a way to join the community without making a single, large payment up front.

For many of our prospective members, the option to spread payments over four months will help make TBS more affordable.

4. Technical Stuff

It wasn’t until the second half of last year that the plugin we’re using to handle monthly payments was updated to work the way we needed it to.

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Important Legal Details about Our Payment Plan

By choosing the payment plan, you agree that you’re going to make all four payments; at the end of your payments, you’ll have lifetime access to everything included in a TBS membership, just like our current members.

You can pay through either PayPal or by credit card.

If you miss a monthly payment, then you will automatically lose access to the courses, webinars, and other members-only parts of the TBS website.

If we don’t hear from you, we will make an attempt to reach out and confirm whether you wanted to cancel. If it was a mistake, once payment is received, your access will be restored. If we do not hear back, we’ll consider it a cancellation and remove you from the Facebook group as well.

If you are a TBS affiliate – or pay via our payment plan through someone’s affiliate link – there will now be four monthly payments.

For example, you’ll now receive four monthly payments of 30% of $87, which is $26.10 per payment.

At this time, the payment plan is only available for memberships. It is not available for any of our other courses, such as Affiliate Marketing for Beginners or Bloggers, Brands, and Tourism Boards: A Guide to Successful Partnerships. These courses will continue to be available for a one-time payment.

Ready to join the TBS community using our new payment plan?

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