4 Reasons Why Your Blog Needs a Niche

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Dictionary.com defines a niche as “a distinct segment of a market.” As a travel blogger, you want to choose a niche that suits your talents and interests. – The Fundamentals of Travel Blogging, Module 1, Lesson 2

How can you stand out in a crowd of 150,000,000?

Those 149,999,999 other people are your fellow bloggers – some who blog about travel, and some who blog about other topics. While you may not have to worry about bloggers in other topics, there are still tens of millions of fellow travel bloggers out there who share stories that might not be too different from yours.

This is where a niche comes in – to help you stand out from the crowd.

What is a Niche?

In today’s blogging landscape, it’s not enough to be a travel blogger, or an adventure travel blogger, or a solo female travel blogger.

To be noticed amongst the millions of blogs, you need to carve out a smaller niche for yourself. So what is a niche, exactly?

One definition of niche is “a shallow recess in a wall.” Not so helpful, huh? Actually…

If you want your blog to stand out, you must be a niche in the wall. Create a niche for yourself, and an audience will gather. Dig a strong enough niche, and travel brands may wish to use it to display their product.

Can Your Niche Be Too Specific?

There is a misconception that narrowing your niche will hurt you, when in fact, it’s often the opposite. Identifying with a hyper-specific topic may narrow the pool of potential readers, but it will also increase your ability to connect with a larger percentage of the ones you want to reach.

Specificity can make it easier to pitch tourism boards for press trips, brands for partnership, and companies for advertising because you’re able to clearly define your target audience.


Why Your Blog Needs a Niche

As a new blogger, choosing your niche is one of the most difficult and important decisions you make. You’ll hear every blogger talk about choosing a niche, and many people will share advice on how to choose your niche.

You might be tempted to skip this step when setting up your blog, but don’t! Here are some of the many reasons your blog needs a niche before you start writing.

Your Blog Needs a Niche So Your Audience Can Find You

Having a niche is a great advantage in crafting content that your audience is looking for. If you choose to focus specifically on a certain type of tour or a certain destination, you can quickly move from novice to expert status as you add posts and topics to your blog.

Google and other search engines recognize the power of expertise in serving up search results, so your niche can help your page rank and traffic from search results. The same goes for social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook, where algorithms take expertise and engagement into account when serving up posts and search results. Without a niche, you miss out on these opportunities for the organic traffic that’s already looking for your content.

Your Blog Needs a Niche to Help You Focus

As a blogger, there are many opportunities that flash past as your blog gains momentum from readers and followers. You may be tempted by destinations, tours, and other opportunities that aren’t a perfect fit for your niche. This may be because they pay well or offer you an experience you really want to have.

Giving in to these opportunities and losing your niche will not take your blog to the next level. Your blog niche can help narrow your focus and turn your passion into a beam of light through a magnifying glass. With the right focus and passion, you can ignite a spark that your audience loves.

Your Blog Needs a Niche to Help You Secure Partnerships

Without a niche, your partnership strategy may be a bit like throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks. If you’re headed to a new destination without a niche, how do you choose between different hotels, tour providers, and other attractions? With a niche, you can get specific in pitching for sponsored trips and activities, and can show the value for the partner.

Your Blog Needs a Niche to Build Profitability

The partnerships and business opportunities you get from your blog help pave the way for making money as a blogger. If you don’t have a niche, you risk not finding opportunities to create affiliate revenue or earn other income.

Your blog niche helps you identify partners and business opportunities that your audience will love, which makes “selling” to your audience a little bit easier. This means you’ll be able to

It’s not easy to discover the sweet spot where your personality, expertise and the potential for profit intersect. With some brainstorming and research, you’ll find it.

Want to learn about choosing a niche and setting up your blog?

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