Ten Things Not to Say to a Travel Blogger

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Yesterday, writers released their frustrations all over Twitter with #TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter.

It was a fun and cathartic exercise. Many of these tweets overlapped with things that travel bloggers hear all the time, like assumptions about how we sit around in our pajamas all day and don’t do “real” work.

But we travel bloggers hear a whole other collection of absurdities when it comes to our profession. Even those who don’t blog “professionally” have likely fallen victim to some presumptions and snark from those who just don’t get why/how we do what we do.

So it’s our turn to have a little fun with Ten Things Not to Say to a Travel Blogger. We’ve compiled a list from our members with all of the crazy stuff we travel bloggers hear. Let’s get this trending on Twitter like only social media loving bloggers know how. Share yours with #TenThingsNotToSayToATravelBlogger.

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Photo Credit: Ed Yourdon
Photo Credit: Ed Yourdon

1. “Have a great vacation!” (from Jennifer Dore Dallas of Moi, Mes Souliers)

It’s true — we travel bloggers are always packing up and hitting the road to explore a new place. Sometimes, there are fruity drinks involved. But that certainly doesn’t mean we’re on vacation.We love that our jobs allow us to see the world, but traveling while trying to research three different blog posts, write two from our last destination, send a constant stream of tweets and Instagram photos, and catch up on those fifty emails we haven’t answered is far from relaxing.

2. “Our wi-fi is down by the way. That latte will be five dollars.”

We have flights to book and deadlines and a Skype meeting in fifteen minutes. Cue tears of frustration into the latte we didn’t even want. (It’s like our third coffee shop today. We just needed the wi-fi!)

3. “How can you afford to travel? Did you win the lotto?” (from Alex Sexton of In Pursuit of Adventure) 

We wish! No it was actually a lot more involved than scratching a scratch off. We wrote for years without seeing a dime. We bartended and bussed tables and cleaned hostel dorm rooms on the road. We worked full-time jobs and blogged at night when our eyes could barely stand the sight of a computer screen.

But winning the lottery… that sounds nice.

4. “Who has time to read all these blogs?” (from Javier Godinez of Vivir Para Viajar)

No one asked you to. But when you come to us for advice on packing, hostels, immunizations, visas, cheap train tickets, etc…. maybe you should give them a try.

5. “I thought you said you were a travel ‘writer’.”

We travel and we write. Some of us stick to our blogs. Some of us also write for bigger publications. Either way, we spend a lot of time crafting words that people read. If we choose to only write for our blog, it’s because we really enjoy the freedom to swear.

6.”I’m going to <insert country>. Where should I go?” (from Becki Enright of Borders of Adventure)

We do love to help our readers and offer travel advice, but we’re not your personal tour guide of the world. So instead of racking our brains and creating a customized itinerary just for you, please don’t be offended if we direct you to this handy resource of ours — Our Blogs.

7. “That’s so cool that you got that for free!” (from Tamara Elliot of Globe Guide) 

If ten hours of work and 1200 words count as free, then yeah! That’s pretty cool!

8. “So you get to play on Facebook all day?”

Yes, we’re on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and even Snapchat. But we’re not on there to stalk that girl from high school or read Upworthy articles. We’re networking and marketing and working our butts off to reach more people, develop our brand, and build a business.

9. “Do you have any other tips about <insert destination> that you didn’t write about in this post?” (from Kate McCulley of Adventurous Kate)

Yes! We saved all of the good stuff just for you! (Just kidding!)

10. So, when are you going to get a real job? 

If your definition of a “real job” involves business attire and two weeks vacation per year… hopefully never.


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Oh and we just can’t help ourselves. Here are a few more…

(While our fingers are typing furiously…) “‘So, what are you up to today, just chilling?” from Lucy Sheref of Wander Luce

“Wow, I’d love to have your job and travel all the time.”

“You spend way too much time on your computer.”

“So all you have to do is write some blog posts?!” from Jolene Ejmont of Wanderlust Storytellers


Do you have something to add to #TenThingsNotToSayToATravelBlogger? Share them on Twitter and tag @tbscommunity!

Recent Comments

  • “We worked full-time jobs and blogged at night when our eyes could barely stand the sight of a computer screen.” Yup, that sounds like me for the past 18 months! 😉

    • Welcome to the club! We do the very same. We look like aliens… not to mention, we have “super interesting” social life 😉

  • Good list, one question that I have been asked a few times, “do you even make money?” all by 9-5ers

    • It’s usually asked to me another way, “you can make money doing that?”

      • Lately, I have also been getting lots of these surprised questions… But it is even more interesting to see their reaction… In my case, lots of them decide to start blogging. They write a post, two…maybe threee and they bailed out, as they don’t earn money… 😉

  • That was so fun to read. I love #6, 7 and 9. Or the worst question you can get is ” I have 2 weeks off, can you tell me, where to go”? I mean, are you for real??
    And yes, how amazing is that we get travels for free… Everyone just see the photos of you having fun, but they don’t really realize, how much work was, is and will be behind this “free trip”.

  • This was a good one! Oh yeah, I’ve heard them all. Even though I still also have a full-time job. The most annoying thing is maybe the one “It’s so cool that you get all that for free!”. When yeah, “free” isn’t really the first thing that comes to mind when you have like 8-10, over 1000 word blog posts to write, photos to post-product and videos to edit after your “free trip”. ;D

  • haha so true. When I told family about my first comped stay the reaction I got was “So basically you whore your writing out for free travel?”- seriously. I couldn’t believe it

    • Ha! I got the exact same reaction.

      • Same here too 🙂

  • My favorite has become ‘I see you’ve been traveling a lot lately…who takes care of the kids while you’re gone?’ Um. Their dad. Just like I took care of them when he worked a job that took him out of town all the time. Sometimes they’re lucky enough to come along, but that little school thing they have often gets in the way.

  • “No camera, no recording device, no laptop, none of this palm pilot nonsense or a cell phone. Paper and pencil, a book, maybe a bilingual dictionary. Anything beyond that (a) can be stolen, and (b) intimidates people you encounter. The more double-A batteries you carry, the more you distance yourself from the people you’re writing about.” ― Tom Miller

  • I’ve never been a travel blogger (who’d want all that grief) but now I’m wondering what am I exactly…

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  • my parents still ask me number ten question even until today. They think that i just too relaxed, spending too much time in front of computer and smartphone. By the way, really enjoy this post. It’s fun.

  • My parents still ask me the number ten question even untill today. I think it’s because people always ask them about my job. And some people don’t have an idea about what bloggers exactly do. By the way, really enjoy this post. It’s fun.

  • I liked your post! It’s funny. Thanks for sharing the lists.

  • Haha!
    Nr6 is so spot on! As if we have a few one itinerary fits all kinda archives and they want us to share it with them.
    But the one thing I don’t get is when people ask questions like “What’s there to do in Rome?” or even “Is there anything nice to do in Berlin?”!
    Seriously? In the Google era still people expect to find an answer to such basic questions relying on word of mouth?
    Nice post by the way! It made me giggle! 🙂