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Over in the Travel Blog Success group, a member recently asked a great question: What travel blogging tool do you wish you’d known about sooner?

Funnily enough, we (as a community) rarely ask ourselves this question and don’t often share the hacks and tips we’ve learned over the years. We try and include resources like this in the Travel Blog Success courses, but it’s hard when new tools are developed so quickly!

Inspired by the answers to this question, we’ve pulled together some of the top tools fellow community members recommended, and the best travel blogging task you can use them for. These will step up your productivity game to a new level!

Buffer – To Schedule Social Media Posts

Though members endorse a variety of social media scheduling tools, Buffer is always on the list. It’s also the tool we use on the TBS team because it’s A) affordable and B) super intuitive to use. They also have an amazing blog if you want to improve your social media strategy.

Canva – To Create Beautiful Graphics

When Canva entered the internet world, it changed the game for those of us who lack design skills but need to make every blog/social media post beautiful. Canva is an easy, free tool that allows you to create graphics, add text, and basically do anything you need – without Photoshop experience.

Hashtagger – To Find Instagram Hashtags

If you love Instagram as much as we do, Hashtagger is a must. The Hashtagger app (available for Android and iOS) makes it quick and easy to find the best hashtags for each post you publish to Instagram. This will help you get better engagement, which we all know we want more of (curse you, Instagram algorithm!).

Page Analytics for Google Chrome – To See Site Stats Quickly

Page Analytics is a super-handy Google Chrome extension. When you install it and sign in, you can then easily pull up basic stats about any page of your blog. All you need to do is navigate to the page you’re curious about, then hit the extension button to activate the stats. No more searching endlessly through Google Analytics for data about a specific page!

Pocket – To Save Cool Reads & Inspiration

If you love reading articles on line and curating stories to share on your social channels, Pocket is a must. The website (along with Google Chrome extension) makes it easy to save articles to ‘your Pocket’ which you can then access on your computer, phone – even offline like on a long flight!

Sortd – To Manage Your Inbox

We hadn’t heard of Sortd before this question came up in the TBS Facebook group, but it looks like a game-changer for those of us with overflowing inboxes. It allows you to transform your inbox into a set of lists, so you can better prioritize which emails you need to answer now and which can wait.

Toby for Google Chrome – To Control Too Many Tabs

We also hadn’t heard of Toby before this post. Toby is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to create quick lists of links you regularly open – thus reducing the need to leave those tabs open on your browser all day (and night). If you, like us, struggle from tab-overload, Toby can help clean up your browser quickly.

Trello – To Manage Your Workflow

We love Trello here on the Travel Blog Success team! It’s a great way to keep yourself organized if you’re managing a project that has multiple steps or stages (say, writing a blog post that you need to draft, edit, create social graphics for, and publish). You can use Trello to track progress through each stage and set priorities to help keep yourself focused on the most important tasks.

Wunderlist – To Keep Your To-Dos in Order

Wunderlist was the most endorsed to-do list tool by the TBS community (followed closely by Evernote). Whichever you choose, having a tidy to-do list system will help you accomplish tasks and stay more organized.

Did we miss any tools you love to use? Share in the comments for other members of the TBS Community!

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  • Thanks for all the recommendation for all those travel apps. Some of them are quite juicy, coz I haven’t tried them out before.

    Will definitely give all of them a try.

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    I would add one important thing: embedded maps.
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