Community Manager Valerie Stimac Steps Down from TBS

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Valerie (left), Dave, and Megan at the 2017 Women in Travel Summit


One of the joys of running Travel Blog Success in recent years has been the chance to work with a small team of smart, talented individuals. Valerie Stimac has certainly been one of them.

Since joining TBS a year and a half ago, she’s brought her A-game to everything she does, which makes it bittersweet for me to have accepted her resignation.

Valerie is stepping away from her role at TBS to pursue a full-time position as the Marketing & Content Manager for travel site Go Overseas.

She’ll be working in a reduced capacity through the month of August, transitioning responsibilities to other members of our team before September 1st.

Valerie’s 18 months at TBS have been fast-paced and productive. She joined in February 2016 as a Virtual Assistant and quickly rose to the role of Community Manager when Britany transitioned to the Course Director position.

She maintained our community and added additional responsibilities as time went on, including taking ownership of the TBS blog; helping organize webinars, Office Hours, and Mastermind groups; and eventually overseeing a massive update to the Travel Blog Success membership courses in 2017.


Britany & Valerie at TBEX in Minnesota


During Valerie’s time with us, we’ve seen the community grow – but also deepen as we sought to create a robust and valuable set of resources for our members.

With her encouragement, we have tried a variety of new ideas to help make a TBS membership as valuable as possible.

We’ve transitioned to a mindset of experimentation and curiosity, an important quality in a small, remote team in the digital era of doing business.


Valerie in the background, surrounded by community members at WITS in Milwaukee


About her time on the TBS team, Valerie shares an important insight:

Being part of the Travel Blog Success team has opened up doors I never expected to find: it ‘forced’ me (in the best way possible) to become an active and engaged member of the community at a level I never had before.

Though I never tire of hearing how Travel Blog Success and my role in the community have helped fellow bloggers, I echo the same sentiments: by being the Community Manager, my own blog is much more successful (and I had the courage to start a second blog with the support of fellow community members!).

It has been an honor to have Valerie on the team for the past 18 months, and we look forward to following her adventures in full-time work while running two blogs (as usual, she’s doing several projects at once).

Please join me in thanking her for her contributions to our community and congratulating her on her new job!


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  • Thank you Valerie good luck on your new adventures.

  • Sad to hear you are leaving Valerie but excited for this new opportunity for you. Thank-you for sharing your wisdom. Best of luck!