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There’s been some confusion within the blogging community on what WP Smush.it actually does to your photos. I wanted to quickly explain how WP Smush.it works and how it optimizes your photos.

WP Smush.it is being maintained by WPMU DEV. The plugin uses Yahoo’s Smush.it service to optimize your images. The Smush.it plugin is uploading your images to Yahoo’s servers and delivering an optimized version of your image back to you. For more information on Yahoo’s Smush.it and it’s technical details, read their FAQ page.

Here is where the confusion starts. WP Smush.it does NOT resize your images. It only optimizes your current image sizes.

The above image you see in this post was 270 KB in file size. The image size (width and height) is 771px x 246px.

After running Smush.it, it is now reduced by 14.4% (38 KB) with a total size of 232 KB. The important thing to remember here is that the image size is still 771 x 246. The image sizes does not change.

If you’re looking to get your images resized, you may want to try a plugin called Imsanity. I have not tested this plugin myself but based on the reviews and support, it looks legitimate and exactly what you need to get your images resized.

Recent Comments

  • So, are your images then hosted on a third party? And if that third party (Yahoo! in this example) is having problems, your images won’t show up, correct?

    • No, it’s not hosted by the third party. It’s still on your own server. They are only optimizing it and uploading it back to your server.

  • I tried to upload some photos and I couldn’t. It takes me to a different page that says: No images were uploaded.

  • hey that’s a lot of information…great to know.Would you suggest and image optimization method for blogger. These plug in can be used only for wordpress?

    • Blogger doesn’t have the ability to use plugins. I recommend optimizing your images before uploading them to Blogger.

  • Nice article. I would like to add some value to this post. Recently I came across a very nice WP plugin. The new
    bloggers flood their blog with all the high-resolution images to make it nice and attractive. But for the matter
    of fact, that reduces the speed of the website and it takes a lot of time to load which hampers the user experience.

    Use ‘wp smush’ to reduce the size of images and keep the quality good. The free version will allow 50 images to
    smush at a time, then you need to start the process again for next 50 images. Premium version will take this
    restriction off.

    Hope this one of the nice ways to optimize an image.