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Travel Writing for Bloggers presents the techniques and skills that are necessary in writing compelling travel narratives.

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Reading about travel is what inspired many of us to become travel bloggers.

At some point in your life, the words of a travel narrative took hold of your imagination.

You didn’t have to be standing next to the writer to feel their anticipation, their nerves, or their curiosity. You didn’t have to get on a plane to learn something new. Travel writing gave that to you.

As travel bloggers, we have the honor of sharing those experiences with our readers. But writing about travel in a way that transports, inspires, entertains, and teaches is easier said than done.

That’s why we’ve created a Travel Writing course for bloggers — a comprehensive course on travel writing that explores the history, the industry, and the skills that will help you discover and develop your style of storytelling.

Travel Writing Course Description

Travel Writing for Bloggers includes written lessons and expert interviews that cover everything from researching and interviewing to crafting the perfect opening sentence.

Each module includes assignments to help you apply these lessons to your work. They allow you to turn the concepts we cover into pieces of writing that you can be proud of.

The course also includes access to our Travel Writing for Bloggers Facebook group, where members can swap assignments for feedback, ask questions, and discuss.

The practice of giving and receiving constructive criticism is critical to the process of improving one’s writing. Our community is enthusiastic and supportive, and we look forward to helping you turn your good travel stories into great ones.

Our travel writing course is written and moderated by TBS Community Manager, Valerie Stimac, along with a well-respected group of professional travel writers.

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Are you ready to focus on improving the travel stories you publish? Do you want to write stories that your audience can’t stop reading?

Our Travel Writing course will give you the skills, the community, and the feedback to significantly improve your writing.

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Course Outline

(Total time: 4 hours 47 minutes)

Module 1: The Foundation of Travel Writing

(Read time: 28 minutes)

Welcome to Travel Writing for Bloggers
Lesson 1.1 – A Brief History of Travel Writing
Lesson 1.2 – The Value of Travel Writing
Lesson 1.3 – Your Role as a Travel Writer

Module 2: Getting Started as a Travel Writer

(Read time: 54 minutes)

Lesson 2.1 – What Makes a Good Travel Story?
Lesson 2.2 – What Makes a ‘Bad” Travel Story?
Lesson 2.3 – Travel Writing Opportunities
Lesson 2.4 – Write About What You Know
Lesson 2.5 – Become an Expert Note Taker
Lesson 2.6 – Do Your Research
Lesson 2.7 – Finding and Conducting Successful Interviews

Module 3: Storytelling and Strengthening Your Skills

(Read time: 33 minutes)

Lesson 3.1 – Types of Stories
Lesson 3.2 – Parts of the Story
Lesson 3.3 – Intros and Conclusions
Lesson 3.4 – Develop Your Voice and Your Brand

Module 4: How to Make Travel Writing Work For You

(Read time: 24 minutes)

Lesson 4.1 – Create a Portfolio
Lesson 4.2 – Branching Out
Lesson 4.3 – How to Write for Online Outlets
Lesson 4.4 – Writers’ Groups, Community, and Conferences
Lesson 4.5 – Find What Works for You

Module 5: Conversations with Travel Writers

(Time required: 2 hours 28 minutes)

Tim Leffel* (Travel Writing 2.0) – Writing for Press Trips and Building a Career in Travel Writing
Jodi Ettenberg (Legal Nomads) – Long-form Blogging and Writing What You Love to Read
Mariellen Ward (Breathe Dream Go) – Owning a Niche and Writing from the Heart
Kristin Winet* – Brainstorming Techniques and the Feminist Gaze
Gabi Logan* – Pitching and Thriving as a Freelance Writer

* These audio interviews can be downloaded as MP3s, and each comes with a written transcript as well.

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Are you ready to capture an audience with compelling travel stories?

Travel Writing for Bloggers will provide you with the skills, community, and feedback to become a better writer. Whether you hope to improve your writing for your blog, or branch out to other publications, Travel Writing for Bloggers will help you achieve your writing goals.

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Travel Writing for Bloggers was created by a team of professional travel writers and bloggers, whose work appears in BBC Travel, Afar, Hemispheres, Buzzfeed Travel, Viator, Salon, Matador Network, and many more.

The course and community are led by course director, Britany Robinson, and community manager, Valerie Stimac. Both Britany and Valerie have been writing for print and online outlets for many years.

They are passionate about helping fellow writers produce compelling, thought-provoking, and effective travel stories.

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1 review for Travel Writing for Bloggers

  1. 4 out of 5


    The TBS Writing Course is great! The lessons are quick, and the assignments are so helpful. First, you read through a lesson and then you put it into practice. By posting your assignments as a Google Doc, you get feedback from others, which is so nice! As a travel blogger, I often write fast and alone, with feedback coming from my readers, which isn’t always constructive. Meanwhile, the critiques here give direct and useful feedback. I have 2 favorite lessons. One is where you write about home (strange for me as a travel blogger, but proved incredibly useful in terms of learning!). The other is practicing writing the introduction of a story, and using different methods to hook your audience– shock, use of dialogue, and mystery, among others. It’s a fun challenge and reminded me that I should vary my writing style. It made writing exciting again!
    Finally, I love that we get to critique each others writing. I saw techniques I really liked and other things I didn’t like at all. So, now I have more ideas for my own writing.
    Good job Britany on putting together this course for us. I highly recommend everyone read through the first few lessons and take a stab at one of the assignments. In the end, use the course however you want. Personally, I read and listened to the interviews first, even though they’re the final lesson. I wanted the inspiration at the beginning!
    Since the course is self-paced, I buckled down and finished it in a few days. Just like the main TBS course, you can take this course at whatever pace you want. So, find a friend and go through it together, if that works best for you.

    The only thing I wished was different is that there had been more people taking the course at the same time as me, because the Facebook group wasn’t very active, and usually I had to wait several days before getting any feedback on the assignments. However, if you’re a solo person, it’s just perfect.

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