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VideographyLast week, we announced Travel Blog Success is adding a new course to our offerings — Videography for Travel Bloggers, created in partnership with Chris Staudinger and Tawny Clark of Captain and Clark.

Today, we officially launch Videography for Travel Bloggers at a special, introductory price of $199 — a savings of $98 off the regular price of $297.

Videography for Travel Bloggers is an educational journey through the skills, techniques and equipment required to shoot, edit, and publish video content in today’s world.

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Topics include:

  • The six types of travel videos and three styles of storytelling
  • Choosing the right camera, audio equipment, and editing software
  • Camera basics, adjusting light and sound, and creating natural transitions
  • How to use special effects (green screen and infinite white)
  • Conducting interviews
  • Editing tips (fades and cuts, music, voice over, rendering and uploading)

In addition to the lessons, you’ll have access to a private web forum on Travel Blog Success and a special video channel on Slack, our real-time communications platform, to ask questions and request video critiques.

Chris and Tawny (Captain and Clark)
Chris and Tawny (Captain and Clark)

About the Teachers

Chris Staudinger and Tawny Clark are successful and respected videographers who have leveraged their travel videos to form partnerships with brands from Expedia to USA Today.

They’ve condensed their years of knowledge and experience into 29 lessons featuring a mix of video and written instruction designed to help you get started and excel in the art of videography.

Special Bonus Offer

Sign up by 11:59 PM, March 27, 2015 and you’ll also be given exclusive access to a private Google Hangout and Slack Chat with your instructors.

The Google Hangout will take place at 8 PM EST on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 and the Slack Chat will take place at 8 PM EST on Tuesday, April 7, 2015.

Use these opportunities to ask questions of your instructors and fellow students, and benefit from the extra support and personal guidance in real-time.

Videography for Travel Bloggers presents a wonderful opportunity to build your skills with industry leaders. We’re confident you’ll find the course easy to understand, educational, and enjoyable. Plus, access is for life and it’s backed by our 30-day money back guarantee.

Are you ready to take your video production skills to the next level? Take advantage of this week’s special price and bonus offer and sign up today!


Recent Comments

  • When does the course start and how long is it? Thx

    • Amanda – the course is available for purchase at any time. You’ll have immediate access to all the lessons so you can move through the material at your own pace.