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Learn How To:
  • Learn to make money online
  • Pitch destinations for media trips
  • Grow a worldwide following
  • Network with other bloggers and industry professionals

Join our 800+ member community today! Find out why we're the largest and most helpful travel blogging community.

What You Get

Travel Blog Success is an online course and community packed with best practices and all the guidance you need to create your own indie travel blog (and make money from it…you might even end up on a sponsored trip to Hawaii like one member).

27 Travel Blogging Lessons, Grouped in 6 Modules

  • Building a Foundation – 6 Lessons (picking a domain, web hosting, SEO)
  • Creating Content – 5 Lessons (writing for the web, photography, intro to video blogging)
  • Developing Traffic – 5 Lessons (metrics, social media, guest posts)
  • Strategies for the Road – 2 Lessons (how to blog while traveling, mobile technology)
  • Making Money – 5 Lessons (email lists, advertising, product creation and launches)
  • Building a Business – 4 Lessons (networking, press trips, being a digital nomad)
  • Earn Achievements! - Get points and keep score as you complete the lessons.

Private Member Forum

  • All members can get answers to questions, request blog critiques, and talk with other members of the community in a private setting.
  • Over 7,300 forum posts that include discussions on travel writing, marketing, making money, photography, film, working with companies, SEO, technology, and more.

Secret Facebook Support Group

  • Ability to ask questions and get feedback via a private Facebook group.
  • The friendliest and most helpful travel blogging group on Facebook.

Webinars, Q&A, and Audio Interviews

  • Attend webinars with Dave and Michael Tieso, and special guests, to get your questions answered in real time.
  • Access our library of previously recorded webinars.
  • Inspiring interviews filled with practical advice to help you succeed.

Lifetime Access

  • Join now, and move through the materials at your own pace.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • There is no risk on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on us. And the last thing we want is for you to spend money and not be completely satisfied!

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What Our Members Say

"My blogging income rose from zero to $6,000 in a single month, within a year of joining TBS. The TBS forums and facebook group allowed me to connect with mentors who taught me essential skills related to blogging, marketing and networking."

Samuel Jeffery
Nomadic Samuel

"Since joining Travel Blog Success, I have literally made thousands of dollars from my travel blog. Through discussion, advice and referrals I have successfully turned my travel blog into a well-oiled machine that can actually pay the bills!"

Jeremy Foster

"I have grown my traffic from 400 to 15,000 visitors per month, and am earning 100x the profit. I still turn to the secret Facebook group on a near daily basis for support and camaraderie."

Alexandra Baackes
Alex in Wanderland

"Travel Blog Success has been a great resource for connecting with like-minded, business-savvy individuals. The information I've learned through the forums & support has proven to be valuable to my own continued success."

Adam Groffman
Travels of Adam

"I've learned how to pitch companies, improve SEO, find advertisers, and attract thousands of new readers using its tutorials, guest-webinars, and the amazing private Facebook group. My traffic and income have both doubled since I became a member."

Matthew Karsten
Expert Vagabond

"Before starting Travel Blog Success I had no idea how to make money with a travel blog. I was actually pretty scared of it. Now I am confident enough to not just approach advertisers, but to negotiate with them deals that work in my favour."

Caz Makepeace
yTravel Blog

Meet The Team

David Lee turned a 20-month trip around the world into a new career as a blogger and author. He’s traveled to more than 50 countries across six continents, founded two popular travel blogs, Go Backpacking and Medellin Living, and written several books.

David Lee

Michael Tieso is a front-end web developer often working with WordPress. He's traveled around the world to over 30 countries and often works in different parts of the world.

Michael Tieso
Co-founder / WordPress Tech Support

Britany Robinson is a freelance writer, blogger, and adventure addict. Her experience in social media management brought her to Travel Blog Success as the Community Manager, hoping to foster the most supportive group of travel bloggers on the web!

Britany Robinson
Community Manager

Mindy Postoff is a travel blogger who designs websites, with an extensive background in technical support. She's vegan, moonlights as a theatrical clown and hopes to one day umpire at the Olympics.

Mindy Postoff
WordPress Tech Support