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Travel Blog Success Community Update

Hey fellow travel blogger!

As the year ends, TBS has a new beginning. It is now under new management and run by Nomadic Matt! Over the next few weeks, it will be combined with Superstar Blogging for an even more impressive and amazing travel blogging school.  At this time, TBS membership is closed to new members and students. If you wish to improve or start your travel blog, head to Superstar Blogging to check out our courses.

You’ll have exclusive access to our global community of likeminded bloggers, all of whom share a common goal to build better travel blogs and stay up-to-date on social media trends and industry news.

I want to thank Dave Lee, founder of TBS for everything he has done for the travel blogging community and wish him the best in coming years. I am looking forward to working with more travel bloggers and this existing community to making travel blogging even better.


Nomadic Matt